STEM Academy

Academia for Alumni

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Cutting-edge Courses

Scholars learn valuable, in-demand skills guided by professional instructors. Rigorous curriculum for apt participants includes cryptology and cyber security; graphic design; app development; renewable energy; and Java programming.

Exclusive Excursions

Training from Experts in Various Fields of Technology

Summer STEM Program

New Enrollees

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Enrichment for All

Summer STEM is a multifaceted, educational experience designed for novice-level participants.  Assessment based groups ensure all learn at an optimal level with AAYD's signature individual approach, while discovering a passion for STEM.

Field Trips

Guest Speakers & STEM Professionals Weekly

Academia for Alumni

Members of the academy will take their enthusiasm for STEM to the next level by diving deep into technology. Summer STEM Program alumni expressing interest in seeking higher education as a STEM professional, have exceled in STEM Mobility, successfully completed Ivy League Kids, graduated from LWA are invited to apply.

STEM Participants

Focusing on one area of interest each week, participants learn important, real-world concepts while engaging in a fun and exciting environment.  Youth discover a passion, master important concepts, and learn by accumulating and practicing skills. 

Developing Innovators

Technology continues to evolve.  Advancements in renewable energy, engineers of artificial intelligence, and unrevealed technicians of the future are in demand.  Both alumni scholars and STEM Summer participants find their niche and gain skills.

Ahead of the Curve

Engineering solar panel designs to power model cars and cities since 2019; Summer STEM has Lucid's future CEO in training.  Excursions to see how a flight deck of a plane operates, and visits to the engine room and wheelhouse of yachts leave our scholars informed.