Technology 2023

App Development

The need for app developers is increasing as an online presence (most commonly on cell phones) is necessary for the success of any business.  Early learners of app development can easily transition to experts in the field.   As part of the STEM 2023 Innovator Fair, participants will have the opportunity to design apps for their own business, competing with peers.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer aided design allows users to bring their imaginations to life.  The process of developing ideas through CAD interfaces instills the patience and determination allowing dreams to become reality. Participants can continue to apply these skills throughout their academic and professional careers.


Using gamification to drive engagement in coding is a fun way to modernize traditional lessons.   Building and coding robots opens new avenues for participants' creative expression, enhances their critical thinking, and improves their creative problem-solving skills. 

Artificial Intelligence

Preparing youth for their future in STEM would not be complete without AI training.  Participants begin their experience with artificial intelligence through immersion. Diving into technologies to test, train, and create models of machine learning allows them to understand and apply their skills in the future to address real-world problems.

Renewable Energy

Encouraging environmental awareness and sustainability increases rates of carbon-neutral and ecofriendly lifestyle choices.  STEM participants design, construct, and analyze data from their projects using  renewable energy sources such as: bioenergy; solar energy; geothermal energy; wind energy; and hydropower.

Event Calendar

June 8th


Summer STEM Soirée

Participants and families will have the opportunity to meet the staff, make friends with peers, ask questions, and receive their STEM 2023 totes including program shirt and program documents.

   6:00 pm     

June 12th


Opening Day

Doors open promptly at 10:00am.

    10:00 am   

June 19th-23rd


STEM Spirit Week

Check your flier for the theme of the day and show your STEM spirit!

STEM Spirit!

July 4th


Happy 4th of July!

Closed in observance of Independence Day.


July 25th


Field Day

Solar powered fun for participants, all day!  Picnic, relay race, prizes, and renewable energy activities for some fun in the sun.

Solar Power!

August 4th


Summer STEM Concludes

All participant families are invited to join us for the Innovator Fair and 5th Annual Graduation Ceremony!